Spread Your Wings: Empowering youth ages 5-18  to improve their mental health, create positive social interactions, increase self-esteem, build self-confidence, learn self-defense skills, and strengthen the body to live their best lives.


Empower Youth to Avoid Violence

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Our society is allowing too many children to become victims of violence and languish in hopelessness. 

It is estimated that over 150,000 children are exploited and trafficked for labor and sex in the US each year.

The  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the US.

According to the CDC, 1:5 children have a mental health diagnosis/ issue. Oftentimes, the mental health issues are caused from trauma that includes bullying, abuse, and violence.


All programs are headquartered at our youth center. Our efforts focus on PREVENTION and empowerment to help children and their families .

Our education based programs provide holistic benefits.

Youth Center

A safe place to belong, move, get academic support, have positive youth and adult interaction, have fun, build skills, and explore new activities. Ultimately, we empower children to be their best selves to avoid poor mental health, bullying, exploitation, trafficking, and violence.

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Spirit TKD

Assistent Chef

Offering traditional Taekwondo & adaptive, therapeutic martial arts for students with special needs. for ages 5- adult.  More info at www.iowaspirittkd.com

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The House of Rogues

Spread Your Wings has partnered with The House of Rogues. 

Programs Wed, Fri, Sat evening.  Promoting youth development through active and artistic self-expression with parkour, drama, music, art, dance, and evening social activities. We create a safe, community space for youth to learn, grow, and interact; a home away from home for all who walk through our doors.  

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The Hideout

Recreational programming
M-F 3 -6 PM that is safe, fun, and engaging, provides academic support, friendship, movement, and character development. Empowering activities such as Parkour, self-defense classes, and active games. Hideout provides meaningful experiences and students opportunities to learn and grow in a positive, inclusive culture with a high level of customer care that is consistent, responsive, and welcoming to all students and caregivers.

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S.A.V.E. Kids 

Head Chef

Self-Defense Against Violence & Exploitation Program.
A free two-hour self-defense program taught in the school setting empowers
students ages 9-14 to defend, prevent and save themselves from all types of violence.

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Achieving Courage Empowering Students Program.
A martial arts program that works with at risk students, who have faced mental health challenges, attempted suicide, experienced trauma, or faced bullying. 

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BRAVE (Be Resilient Against Violent Encounters)

The program empowers families to end school violence and violent encounters between children. 

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Warrior Within

This Camp empowers teenagers to find their inner warrior, overcome obstacles, have courage to heal from past violence, and become their best selves.

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